ADT 6 - A high yielding blackgram variety suitable for rice fallow condition of cauvery Delta Zone

  • P. Shanthi, K. Iyanar, D. Sassikumar, R. Suresh, R. Manimaran, R. Pushpa, V. Ravi, K. Subrahmaniyan Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
  • S. Suresh and K. Rajappan


A high yielding blackgram variety ADT 6 suitable for rice fallow season of Cauvery Delta Zone was released during 2017.   The variety ADT 6 (ADBG 13004) is a cross derivative of VBN 1 x VBG 04-006 and matures in 65-70 days.  The plant type is semi erect and determinate. The seeds are bold, black oval in shape with dull lustre and the  mean  100 seed weight is 4.7 g. The variety manifests good battering  and recorded an average  of 21.6 per cent protein and 5.7 % arabinose content. The average yield of  ADT 6 is 741 kg/ha which is 13.8 per cent increased yield over ADT 3(651 kg/ha).  The culture possesses moderate resistance to Mungbean Yellow Mosaic Virus (MYMV), leaf crinkle and powdery mildew diseases. The variety is fast spreading among the farmers of Cauvery Delta as a rice fallow blackgram variety.

Research Article