ADT 53- Short duration high yielding fine grain rice variety for Kuruvai /Kodai seasons of Tamil Nadu

  • R. Pushpa
  • R. Saraswathi
  • D. Sassikumar
  • R. Chandirakala
  • R. Suresh
  • B. Meenakumari
  • K. Chozan, S. Suresh, A. Karthikeyan and V. Ravi


The rice variety ADT 53 (AD07073) is a short duration culture (110-115 days) which was released during 2019 by TNAU for Kuruvai/ Kodai/ Navarai season of Tamil Nadu. This variety was evolved through pedigree breeding from the cross ADT 43 / JGL 384. It has non-lodging compact plant type with well exerted compact panicle. The variety recorded an average grain yield of 6334 kg/ha in 242 trials which are 9.4 per cent higher than ADT 43 (5788 kg/ha in 112days) and 14.0 per cent over CO 51 (5562 kg/ha in 112 days). The culture had shown a resistance reaction to leaf folder and moderately resistant to brown spot, blast diseases and rot under field condition. The variety ADT 53 possesses a medium slender grain with a 1000 grain weight of 14.8 grams. It has 65 per cent milling outturn and good cooking quality parameters like a soft gel consistency, moderate amylose and gelatinization temperature.

Research Article