Genetic variability and frequency distribution studies in F2 segregating generation of rice

  • A. R. Priyanka, R. P.Gnanamalar, S. Banumathy, N. Senthil and G. Hemalatha Tamil Nadu Agricultural University


The present investigation was conducted to assess the variability, frequency distribution and association between grain yield and yield component traits to identify a superior segregant in F2 generation of ASD 16 × Improved Pusa Basmati 1. High GCV and high PCV coupled with high heritability and high genetic advance as per cent of mean were recorded for number of filled grains per panicle, flag leaf length and grain yield per plant suggesting an additive type of gene action. Early generation selection may be effective to improve these traits due to presence of additive gene action. In this study transgressive segregants were observed for all the traits which might be due to the complementary gene action of positive alleles present in both the parents. Number of productive tillers per plant and number of filled grains per panicle had positive significant correlation and high positive direct effect on grain yield per plant and these characters should be given importance during selection.

Research Article