Correlation and path analysis in Blackgram (Vigna mungo L.)

  • P. Shanthi Tamil nadu Rice Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
  • K. N. Ganesan
  • N. Manivannan and C. Natarajan


A total of 25 genotypes of urdbean were selected and studied for correlation and path effects of seven important yield contributing traits including yield trait. Among the seven traits studied, number of clusters per plant and number of pods per plant had significantly positive correlation with yield. These two traits can be used as a selection index for improving seed yield in blackgram. Number of clusters per plant is direct and highly significant association with the number of pods per plant. Path analysis revealed that number of clusters per plant is the principle component responsible for increasing seed yield in blackgram and it showed high positive significant direct effects on seed yield.  The indirect effect of number of pods per cluster and total number of pods per plant were positive on yield. Improving these characters also indirectly helps to improve the yield.

Research Article