Assessment of genetic diversity in aromatic rice (Oryza sativa L.) germplasm using PCA and cluster analysis

  • D. Shoba, Roshni Vijayan, S. Robin, N. Manivannan, K.Iyanar, P. Arunachalam, N. Nadarajan Agricultural College and Research Institute,Killikulam,Vallanad,Tuticorin-628 252Tamil Nadu, India
  • M. Arumugam Pillai and S. Geetha


A total of 67 aromatic rice germplasm lines were evaluated for nine traits by PCA and cluster analysis for determining the pattern of variation, relationship among individuals and their characteristics. Out of nine PCs, four exhibited more than 1.0 eigen values and showed 70.14 per cent total variability among the characters. PC1 showed high proportion of total variation 25.9 per cent and PC2, PC3 and PC4 contributed 16.96 per cent, 15.06 per cent and 12.22 per cent of the total variance, respectively.  Highest positive eigen vector was observed in grain width (0.46) followed by plant height (0.34) in PC1 indicated the large effect in the overall variation of the genotypes. From the cluster analysis, clusters I,II and III had desirable mean values for days to 50 per cent flowering, plant height, number of productive tillers/plant, grain length, grain width, 100 grain weight, panicle length and single plant yield. The genotypes in these clusters would be utilized for aromatic rice improvement breeding.

Research Article