Stability analysis for seed yield in cowpea genotypes (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.)

  • N. Manivannan, K. Bharathi Kumar, A. Mahalingam and P. Ramakrishnan Tamil Nadu Agricultural University


A total of 14 genotypes including three checks of cowpea were evaluated over two seasons in two years to study the G x E interaction for seed yield. Variances due to genotype, genotype x environment, environment + (genotype x environment), environment (linear) and pooled deviation were significant for seed yield. Based on the stability analysis of Eberhart and Russell model, three genotypes viz., VCP 12006, VCP 13001, VCP 15006 were found to be stable across the environments for seed yield. These genotypes had high seed yield with a unity regression coefficient and deviation from regression equal to zero.

Research Article