Sorghum K 12(TKSV 0809) - A high yielding dual purpose sorghum variety for southern district of Tamil Nadu

  • R. Sankarapandian, A. Ramalingam, N. Malini, S. Hari Ramakrishnan and E. Murugan


Sorghum K 12 (TKSV 0809) is a high yielding dual-purpose sorghum variety identified for winter rainfed vertisol tracts of southern districts of Tamil Nadu. TKSV 0809 is a hybrid derivative of the cross SPV 772 x S 35-29 and evolved with an objective of development of high yielding dual-purpose short duration sorghum variety suitable for winter rainfed vertisol tracts of Tamil Nadu. TKSV 0809 was released as Sorghum K 12 variety to replace the existing variety K 8 during 2015 from Agricultural Research Station, Kovilpatti. K 12 sorghum is a short duration variety which matures in 95-100 days. K 12 sorghum is a photo insensitive variety suitable for growing in all seasons of Tamil Nadu against the ruling variety K8 which is photosensitive and suitable for Kharif season only. It recorded an average grain yield of 3123 kg/ha under the rainfed condition which is 22.4 and 23.9 per cent increased over the check K 8 and CSV 17 respectively. The K 12 Sorghum exhibited a potential grain yield of 5801 kg/ha under summer irrigated condition which is 139.3 per cent increased yield over check variety K 8.  K 12 sorghum (TKSV 0809) is a dual-purpose variety with an average dry fodder yield of 11.9 tonnes /ha. The dry fodder yield was 31.8% increased yield over local check K 8 and 40.7% over zonal check CSV 17. The grains are creamy white in colour and suitable for cooking, popping, flaking and other value-added products. It is moderately resistant to shoot fly, stem borer and resistant to downy mildew.

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