Combining ability and association studies on different yield contributing traits for enhanced green cob yield in sweet corn (Zea mays con var saccharata)

  • A.Chinthiya, K.N. Ganesan, R. Ravikesavan and N. Senthil Student


The present study was carried out to determine the combining ability of six sweet corn inbred lines and their hybrids and to ascertain the association between different biometrical and quality traits for increased green cob yield in sweet corn (Zea mays con var saccharata). Six sweet corn inbred lines were used as parental lines and they were crossed in full diallel fashion. The resultant sweet corn hybrids and their parents along with check hybrid were evaluated in randomized complete block design. The SCA variance was found to be greater than GCA variance indicating the predominance of non additive gene action for all the characters studied. Highly positive sca effects were noticed in the hybrid 45683x45508 for cob placement height, plant height, cob length, cob breadth, number of kernels per row. The cross 45684x45508 expressed highly significant and positive sca effect for the most important trait, green cob weight and quality traits viz., total sugar and non reducing sugar and possibility of commercial exploitation of this hybrid to be assessed based on its stability. The traits viz., cob length, cob breadth, number of kernels per row and plant height had positive association with green cob weight which indicates the possibility of green cob yield improvement through selection in favour of these correlated traits.

Research Article