A new high yielding Spanish bunch groundnut variety BSR 2

  • K. N. Ganesan, B. Meena Kumari, P. Veerabadhiran, Ashish K.Binodh, P. S .Devanand, R. Pushpam Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
  • D.Punitha, S.Maruthachalam, Sheela Venugopal, N.K.Prabakaran and K. Ganesamurthy


The Spanish bunch groundnut variety BSR 2 is the cross derivative of VRI 2 x TVG 0004 It matures in 105 – 110 days.  This culture is suitable for cultivation in rainfed and irrigated conditions.  The culture BSG 0912 possess the advantage of bunch type growth with higher yield, more number of pods per plant, suitable for cultivation in all the groundnut growing districts of Tamil Nadu.  The average yield of BSG 0912 under rainfed condition is 2222 kg/ha, which is 5.9, 18.3 and 19.1 per cent higher than VRI 8 (2099 kg/ha), CO 7 (1878 kg/ha) and VRI(Gn) 6 (1866 kg/ha) respectively.  Under irrigated condition, this culture has the average yield of 2360 kg/ha with the yield increase of 15.5, 14.5 and 22.9 per cent over VRI 8 (2044 kg/ha), CO 7 (2061 kg/ha) and VRI(Gn) 6 (1920 kg/ha), respectively. The culture registered the shelling out turn of 70.2 per cent, oil content of 45.01 per cent and 100 Kernel weight of 41.0 g with preferable pod and kernel characters.  The groundnut culture BSG 0912 possess moderate resistance to late leaf spot and rust diseases.

Research Article