Characterization of diverse genotypes of American cotton for yield and its components in South Western Punjab

  • Harish Kumar and Pankaj Rathore Assistant Plant Breeder


The present investigation was carried out on 34 American cotton genotypes, which were evaluated at PAU, Regional Research Station, Faridkot during kharif 2017 for seed cotton yield and its various component traits. Result reveals presence of highly significance variation among the all studied genotypes for all the characters. Out of the thirty four studied genotypes thirteen genotypes outperform over the checks for seed cotton yield. RAH0604, RS2906, RB607, BS2-17 and H1508 39 are the best five performing genotypes for seed cotton yield per plant and lint yield per plant. Some genotypes have shown best performance for specific trait(s). The traits like Boll wt, Bolls per plants, Sympods per plants and Plant height showed high to moderate heritability in broad sense and highly significant positive genotypic association with seed cotton yield.

Research Article