Performance of cluster bean [Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (L.) Taub.] genotypes for growth, yield and quality characters

  • Bakang K. Kgasudi student
  • G. Kranthi Rekha
  • K. Uma Jyothi and K. Sasikala


The present investigation was carried out with 56 cluster bean genotypes during Kharif 2018 using Randomized Block Design with two replications. Significant variations were recorded among the genotypes for growth, yield and quality characters. Thar Bhadavi recorded higher plant height at 30 DAS whereas Chitra Gold and IC-116930 were the tallest at 60 DAS and at final harvest respectively. The genotypes; IC-52249, Thar Bhadavi and the check Pusa Navbahar were the earliest to reach flower initiation whereas IC-116779, IC-116705, IC-522399 and IC-522506 reached 50% flowering earlier. The check Pusa Navbahar recorded the highest yield per plant. Highest protein content of pods was recorded by IC-113281 while high TSS of pods was recorded by IC-116660. Hence, these genotypes can be included in breeding programme for the improvement of respective characters.

Research Article