Appraisal of genetic variability for different quantitative traits in kharif maize (Zea mays L.) genotypes

  • Bineeta Devi Madhya Pradesh


The present study was conducted at AKS University, Satna (M.P.) during kharif 2019-20. Altogether 25 maize genotypes were grown under RBD design with three replications. In this study various parameters of genetic variability, broad sense heritability and genetic advance estimated in inbreed line of maize. Analysis of variance revealed that the mean sum of square showed significant due to genotypes for all the 17 characters studied. High GCV and PCV were recorded for seed yield per plant, seed yield per cob, cob ear weight and shelling %. Traits seed yield per plant, seed yield per cob, total seeds per cob, cob year weight and shelling % were showed high heritability accompanied with high genetic advance which indicated that most likely the heritability due to additive gene effects and selection may be effective in the early generation for these traits. Whereas high to moderate heritability along with low estimates of genetic advance which indicates that non additive gene effects. The genotypes which shows non additive gene effects will not be consider for further breeding programme.

Research Note