Heterosis and combining ability analysis for yield and yield related traits in greengram (Vigna radiata L.)

  • S. Mohan and A. Sheeba Senior Research Fellow


The present study was conducted in Line x Tester mating design using 40 hybrids 14 parents to estimate the combining ability effects and heterosis for yield and yield attributing traits in greengram. Combining ability analysis indicated the preponderance of non-additive gene action for all the traits studied. Considering the per se performance and gca effects VBN 2 and ADT 3 (Lines) and IPM-02-03, Pusa 0871 and EC 398897 (Testers) were adjudged as best parents and crosses involving these are expected to throw desirable segregants. Considering the per se performance, significant sca effects and desirable heterosis, the hybrids ADT 3 x IPM-02-03, ADT 3 x IPM-02-14, ADT 3 x PDM 139, ADT 3 x TM-11-34, IPM-409-04 x EC 398897, SML 1074 x PUSA 0871, VBN 2 x EC 398897 and VBN 2 x PUSA 0871 were found to be superior for number of pod clusters per plant, number of pods per plant and single plant.  These hybrids can be utilized to develop high yielding varieties with desirable traits. Gene action analysis revealed preponderance of both additive and non-additive genes for yield and its contributing characters. Hence, these combinations are the best for the current study and they can be directly utilized for realizing improved greengram yield without much compromise on other desirable traits.

Research Article