Deciphering drought tolerance potential of sweet corn genotypes through polyethylene glycol induced drought stress

  • T. Nivethitha, R. Ravikesavan, N. KumariVinodhana and N. Senthil Department of Millets, TNAU


Drought is a restraining factor for the major dependent factors like yield. Pertaining to this issue, analyzing the drought potential of the sweet corn is a major concern. The present investigation was carried out to reveal the drought tolerant potential of sweet corn genotypes by invitro screening under four levels of osmotic stress (0, -2, -4 and -6 bar) using PEG. The material used for the study included six lines and five testers and their corresponding thirty hybrids synthesized in a line x tester mating design. The seedlings exhibited a significant variation for all the traits and indices analyzed. Under high stress, SVI of the selected entries were found to be higher because of increase in germination percentage and seedling length which would ultimately lead to better field emergence. Performance of the hybrids WNC12039-1× 45503, WNC12039-1×45678 and SC11-2×45679 excelled over the commercial check i.e. Misthi when subjected to lower water potential. Based on the preliminary study, the identified inbreds WNC 12069-2, SC 11-2 and the hybrids WNC12039-1×45503, WNC12039-1×45678 and SC11-2×45679 could be further evaluated in the field.

Research Article