SSR Marker-based DNA fingerprinting and morphological characterization for varietal identification in popular sorghum varieties of Tamil Nadu

  • S. Santhiya, K. Kowshiga, D. Abisha, C. Sarankumar, D. Kavithamani, B. Selvi and N. Senthil M.Sc GPB


DNA fingerprinting of varieties is mandatory for registration of germplasm and notification of newly released varieties. The present study attempted to develop a DNA fingerprinting profile of newly released varieties of sorghum using publically available SSR markers along with morphological DUS descriptors. Twenty-one SSR markers were used for the identification of unique variety-specific fingerprints in nine varieties/cultures. Of them, 14 primers (66.7%) showed clear and unambiguous amplification which is good enough to identify unique banding patterns for specific cultivars (77.8%). The SSR markers Xtxp024, Xtxp231, Xtxp075 produced unique alleles in CO 32 whereas Xtxp354 produced an unique alleles in K12. The SSR marker Xtxp003, Xtxp201 produced unique alleles in CSV 33 MF which could serve as valid genotype-specific SSR markers in varietal purity test program. The varietal-specific SSR marker will supplement the DUS test and could play a major role in varietal identification, thus resolving disputes during the seed certification process.

Research Article