Selection indices for improving the selection efficiency of rice genotypes using grain quality traits

  • R. Venmuhil, D. Sassikumar, C. Vanniarajan and R. Indirani student


Association study and selection of best rice genotypes based on grain quality traits was experimented with 44 rice cultures. The study material comprised of 40 stabilised mutant lines of ADT 37 and ADT (R) 45 and four varieties. The grains with 11-13 per cent of moisture content were subjected for all grain quality estimation/quantification. It is observed that the amylose did not show any correlation with any of the milling properties as well the Alkali Spread Value. Protein has a negative correlation with Gel Consistency. Kernel breadth exhibited a negative correlation with most of the traits. Volume expansion has a good positive correlation with grain elongation after cooking. Upon comparison of selection indices viz., Multiplicative Index, Index Free of Weights and Parameters, Base Index, Classical index, Index based on the sum of Ranks and Index based on gains desired, the multiplicative index has given higher gains for most of the traits. However the index based on the sum of ranks was found to give good weightage to all the important traits. Hence the genotypes viz., ACM17006, ACM 18001, ACM18021, ACM18011, ACM18017 were found promising in this study based on the sum of ranks index.

Research Article