Heterosis and nicking ability studies for yield and fibre quality in intra-hirsutum hybrids

  • S. R. Kirthika, T. Kalaimagal, S. Rajeswari and N. Sritharan Tamil Nadu Agricultural University


The present investigation aims at estimating per se performance, combining ability and standard heterosis for 16 biometrical traits using 40intra-hirsutumhybrids synthesized from eight ovule and five pollen parents in Line × Tester fashion. The analysis of variance was significant for all biometrical traits except fibre fineness. Apart from internode length and ginning outturn, all traits were predominantly governed by dominance gene action. Among the parents CPD 1701, RHCHD 1314, RHCHD 1406, MCU 9, CO 16 and CO 14 ranked as good general combiners. Based on mean, sca effects and standard heterosis, PBH 116 × CO 16, RHCHD 1314 × CO 14, CPD 1701 × CO 16 and CPD 1702 × MCU 7 was perceived as amenable for heterosis breeding.

Research Article