Stability analysis in castor (Ricinus communis (L.)

  • Rathod Kajal,
  • D. A. Chauhan,
  • R. S. Bhakta,
  • Aditi Patel and Kanak Bhati


The present investigation on G x E interactions and stability parameters in castor for seed yield per plant and ten other traits using L x T analysis involving nine parents, their resultant twenty crosses and two standard checks. Analysis of variance for stability revealed significant values for mean squares among the genotypes and environments (linear) for almost all the characters except seed volume per weight and oil content for environment indicated the variable nature of various entries and environments. The G x E interaction was significant for most of the characters when tested against both pooled error and pooled deviation, which indicated that different genotypes reacted differently to different environmental conditions. The top four hybrids viz., Geeta x NAUCI 8, Geeta x NAUCI 9, NAUCP-1 x NAUCI 9 and SKP 72 x NAUCI 9 were the most promising and stable over environments for seed yield per plant.

Key words: Stability, G x E, Castor, Pooled deviation and Pooled error

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Kajal, R., Chauhan, D. A., Bhakta, R. S., & Kanak Bhati, A. P. and. (2021). Stability analysis in castor (Ricinus communis (L.). Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding, 12(3), 969-975. Retrieved from
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