Fertility restoration analysis in different CMS sources in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

  • B.D. Waghmode* and H.D. Mehta Officer Incharge Agricultural Research Station Shirgaon Ratnagiri
Keywords: Restores, maintainers, partial restorers / partial maintainers, pollen fertility, spikelet fertility, CMS sources


Amongst 275 test crosses, 57.45 %, 7.27 %, 35.27 % and 21.09 % were observed as restorers, maintainers, partial restorer and partial maintainers respectively for all the CMS lines included in the study. The pollen and spikelet fertility in the test cross progenies ranged from 0.0 to 94.66 and 0.0 to 81.10 per cent, respectively. The highest pollen and spikelet fertility was observed in test cross; RTN 17A/Pusa-44 (94.66 and 89.10 %) followed by RTN 3 x PR-115 (94.43 and 87.29 %). Among 55 high yielding varieties/ promising lines, 47 genotypes exhibited fertility restoration for any one of the CMS line. Out of 47 genotypes, 14 varieties (25.45 %) were identified as common restorers for all the five CMS lines of five different sources. The frequency of the male parents behaving as effective restorers was found to be maximum (65.45 %) for RTN 2A of ARC source followed by RTN 17A (60.0 %) of Dissi source, KJTCMS-6A (56.36 %) of WA sources, RTN 3A (54.55 %) of Mutant of IR 62829B source and RTN 13A (50.91 %) of Gambiaca source indicating that the fertility in these CMS lines were easy to restore. The genotypes, viz., IR-8866, BL-184AR, IET-13840-RP-66-67, RDN-97-3-2-37-14, PR-115, PKV-Makarand, GR-7, IR-54742-22-19-3,  Pusa Sugandha-3, Pusa Sugandh-5, Super basmati, Phule Radha, RP-BIO-226 and GR-11, NVSR-20, IR-63879-195-195-2-2-3-2, IR-22273 and PR-118 were identified as effective restorers may be exploited to develop commercial hybrids and the genotypes, viz., VDN-9-10-1, SYE-4, GR-4, Gurjari, SKL-8, IR-34, SYE-6, SYE-5 and GR-5 were identified as maintainers may be exploited for conversion of CMS sources in above said locally adaptable genotypes. 

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B.D. Waghmode* and H.D. Mehta, Officer Incharge Agricultural Research Station Shirgaon Ratnagiri
Genetics and Plant Breeding
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