Heterosis and Combining Ability in Pearl Millet

Keywords: Heterosis, Combining ability, GCA, SCA effects, pearl millet


Among the 48 hybrids produced by (4) x tester (12) crossing programme, maximum positive standard heterosis for grain yield per plant over hybrid check, Aadishakti was observed in DHLB-16A x S-16/08 (36.88 %) followed by DHLB-14A x S-16/06 (34.74 %) and DHLB-16A x S-16/07 (26.29 %). The range of standard heterosis over check Aadishakti was -49.28 per cent (DHLB-14A x S-16/10) to 36.88 per cent (DHLB-16A x S-16/08). Among the hybrids with positive significant SCA effects for grain yield, the frequency of good x average combiner was more. Among the top ten hybrids one parent of five hybrids viz., DHLB-16A x S-16/08, DHLB-16A x S-16/07, DHLB-8A x S-16/01, DHLB-8A x S-16/05 and DHLB-16A x S-16/12 found to be good general combiners. Among four females three lines DHLB-16A, DHLB-8A and DHLB-14A and among males S-16/07, S-16/08 and S-16/05 gave top yielding hybrid combinations. Among ten top performing hybrids, three hybrids viz., DHLB-16A x S-16/08, DHLB-14A x S-16/06 and DHLB-16A x S-16/07 exhibited significant favorable heterobeltiosis, standard heterosis, GCA and SCA effects for yield and most of the related traits could be utilized for commercial cultivation after extensive testing in state and national trails.

Author Biography

S. H. Karvar, V. Y. Pawar and H. T. Patil, MPKV, Rahuri, University
Bajra Research Scheme, A.C., Dhule,Senior Research assistant
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