Characterization of rice (Oryza sativa) germplasm accessions for seedling vigor and its related traits

  • T Mithraa


Rice is the most important cereal that serves as the carbohydrate resource for more than one-third of the world population. To keep pace with the population growth, the productivity level should be further increased. Among the various approaches available for breaking the yield ceiling, seedling vigor plays a very significant role since, it has a direct bearing on yield and other growth parameters. High seedling vigor paves way for raising the crop by direct seeding under water stressed situations as it suppresses weeds growth due to earlier establishment and speedy growth. The present study involves characterization of 210 rice germplasm accessions with wide genetic and geographic origin for seedling vigor and its related traits under controlled environmental condition. About 32 germplasm accessions were identified as highly vigorous based on seedling vigor indices.

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Characterization of rice Oryza sativa germplasm accessions for seedling vigor and its related traits. 2018. Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding, 9 3, 1024-1030. Retrieved from
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