Characterization and clustering of kodo millet (Paspalum scrobiculatum L.) genotypes based on qualitative characters

  • V. Nirubana, R. Ravikesavan and K. Ganesamurthy Tamil Nadu Agricultural University


Kodo millet accessions 103 numbers were evaluated and characterized for 21 qualitative characters. The traits viz., leaf character, leaf blade pigmentation, panicle exertion, spikelet arrangement on rachis, panicle appearance, spike curvature, degree of culm branching, degree of lodging, shattering and grain colour showed higher variation and thus exhibits scope for selection of traits useful for breeding programmes. The traits growth habit, leaf sheath pigmentation, sheath base pigmentation, leaf juncture pigmentation, internode pigmentation, flag leaf at the second primary axis node, nerves on glumes, spike branching, spikelet density, senescence and grain shape showed no variations. Cluster analysis was carried out which grouped the 103 accessions into 13 clusters. Cluster III was the largest cluster with 39 accessions followed by cluster VII with 21, cluster IV with 13, cluster I with nine, cluster X with six, cluster IX with four, cluster V with three, cluster II and VIII with two accessions each and clusters VI, XI, XII and XIII with one accession each. The genotypes within the same cluster considered to have the similar phenotypic characters. And the genotypes between the clusters are more diverse ones. Therefore, the genotypes of most diverse cluster may be used as parents in hybridization programmes to develop high yielding varieties.

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V. Nirubana, R. Ravikesavan and K. Ganesamurthy
Characterization and clustering of kodo millet Paspalum scrobiculatum L. genotypes based on qualitative characters. 2019. Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding, 10 1, 101-110. Retrieved from
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