Participatory Varietal Selection (PVS) - a client oriented breeding approach in mung bean (Vigna radiata L.)

  • A. Sheeba, S. Mohan, Assistant Professor (PBG), Rice Research Station, Tirur
  • S. Banumathy and R. Agila Senior Research Fellow


Participatory variety selection in mung bean was carried out at Rice Research Station, Tirur. Twenty two mung bean cultures were raised in three replications with check varieties Co (Gg) 7 and VBN (Gg) 3 and farmers were involved in selection process at Research Station.  Among the cultures raised, sixteen cultures were selected based on yield and scores given by the farmers.  The sixteen promising cultures identified were screened for Mung bean Yellow Mosaic Virus resistance in hot spot and thirteen cultures were categorized as   resistant and moderately resistant.  Mother trials (i.e) researcher managed replicated trial was  laid out with the above thirteen cultures along with check varieties.  From mother trial six cultures viz., TMGG 11007, TMGG 11018, TMGG 11034, TMGG 11035, TMGG11038 and TMGG 11042 were identified for baby trials. From baby trials, three promising cultures viz., TMGG 11034, TMGG 11007 and TMGG 11042 were identified based on farmers preference.

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