Study on character association in Lens culinaris medik

  • Soumya Satpathy,
  • Sandip Debnath and Abinash Mishra


A field trial with fifty genotypes of lentil was undertaken in Agriculture Farm of the Institute of Agriculture, Visva –Bharati University during two consecutive winters of the year 2017-18 and 2018-19, with an intention to find out the nature of the association between thirteen different plant characters with each other and with yield. A randomized block design was used with three replications. Traits’ correlation along with path analysis was studied by focusing on yield as the key output. The study revealed that seed/plant was strong and positively associated with grain yield at the genotypic level. It was also true at the phenotypic level. Direct and indirect effects in path coefficient at genotypic and phenotypic level revealed the effects of various traits on yield either directly or via component traits. In the present experimental study, fourteen character combinations of lentil explained that total variance up to 82.74 per cent at the phenotypic level and 82.23 per cent at the genotypic level.

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