Genetic analysis and correlations in mid early genotypes of rice (Oryza sativa L.) under irrigated conditions

  • P. Sindhumole, Veena, V. and Beena, R. Kerala Agricultural University
Keywords: germplasm, heritability, coefficient, variation, correlation, association


Sixty four mid early rice genotypes of diverse origin were evaluated during Kharif 2012 under irrigated wet land conditions at Regional Agricultural Research Station, Pattambi. The genotypes included three check varieties viz., IR 64 (National), MTU 1010 (Southern Regional) and Jyothi (Local).  The experiment was laid out in a completely randomised block design with two replications. Each plot had eleven rows with sixteen hills per row at a spacing of 20 cm x 15 cm.    Observations were recorded on days to 50% flowering, plant height, tillers/plant, panicles/hill, panicles/m2, panicle length (cm), grain type and grain yield (t/ha).  Analysis of variance indicated highly significant variation for all the traits indicating the presence of genetic diversity among these genotypes.  Genotypic and phenotypic coefficients of variation (GCV and PCV), heritability and genetic advance (% of mean) were high for all the characters. The highest heritability was observed for plant height (96.71) followed by panicle length (90.57).  However, grain yield exhibited the lowest heritability (54.74) among all the traits.  Positive association existed among all the traits.  Grain yield was highly associated with plant height and panicle length.  The top yielding genotypes identified in the study were MTU 1155, UPRI 2012-18, HKR 08-62 and RNR 10294.

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P. Sindhumole, Veena, V. and Beena, R., Kerala Agricultural University

Assistant Professor (PB&Gen),

Division of Plant Breeeding & Genetics,

RARS, Pattambi, KAU

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