RAPD based assessment of genetic diversity in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

  • N Suneetha, R.P. Vasanthi and P Sudhakar
Keywords: Groundnut, RAPD markers, diversity


Genetic diversity was assessed among 12 genotypes of groundnut using RAPD markers. Out of 60 RAPD markers screened, seven markers were found to be polymorphic. In total, 58 amplification products were realized out of which 48 alleles were polymorphic (82.9%). Among the markers, OPJ 6 was highly polymorphic with 11 alleles with nine being polymorphic. Least number of five alleles were amplified with OPJ 4 marker. The analysis of Jaccards similarity co-efficients among genotypes revealed that the genotypes, TCGS 645 and Tirupati 4 were distant and Narayani and Kalahasti were highly similar (92.9%). Genotype-specific alleles were identified with markers, OPA3 for Tirupati 4 and TCGS 888, OPA 19 for Tirupati 3, TG 47 and TCGS 913, OPJ4 for Tirupati 3 and Prasuna and OPJ 6 for Kalahasti and TCGS 750. The study indicated the scope and usefulness of RAPD markers for diversity analysis and for identification of genotypes in groundnut.
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