JLT-408 A New High Yielding Sesame Variety for Maharashtra State

  • M. G. Jadhav, G.B.Chaudhari, T. R. Patil, and S. C. Patil
Keywords: Sesame, JLT-408, medium maturity, high oil, low Free Fatty Acids.


Sesame variety JLT-408 is developed through hybridization followed by advance generation selection from the cross Padma x Yuzhi-8 by pedigree method at Oilseeds Research Station, Jalgaon. This variety gave 29.9 % and 20.8% higher yield than checks JLT-7 and JLT-26, respectively. It has medium maturity period (81-85 days), white bold seed and found superior in quality viz. high oil content (53.2%), low in free fatty acid (1.46%) and its Iodine value is 107.0. This new variety is moderately resistant to major diseases like Phyllody, Cercospora leaf spot, Alternaria leaf spot, Powdery mildew and Macrophomina stem/ root rot and it is moderately tolerant to leaf roller /capsule borer and tolerant to gall fly under field conditions. Considering merits in respect of yield, oil content and quality parameters JLT-408 has been released for cultivation in kharif season in North Maharashtra and adjoining areas of Vidarbha and Marathwada regions in Maharashtra.
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T. R. Patil, and S. C. Patil, M. G. J. G. (2015). JLT-408 A New High Yielding Sesame Variety for Maharashtra State. Electronic Journal of Plant Breeding, 6(1), 118-124. Retrieved from https://www.ejplantbreeding.org/index.php/EJPB/article/view/635
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